Unfortuitously, Jamie, you really don't get married Chanel off like – you hitched the lady regarding need

There clearly was a big difference. Your lady have lowest Thinking-Esteem and you may the woman is over weight and you may she doesn't understand how to deal with money. Just what that implies would be the fact this woman is substandard and then we inhabit an economic society. Very she woman is actually a loss. However, such as for example my personal Cousin Jethro Like says, “As well crappy she don't know how to reduce pounds!”

The fact Chanel try exhibiting most of these undesired characteristics given that you might be hitched is the extremely area off studying my materials and you may dating for 2 age

What that means is that you'd provides approved these unwanted characteristics if you would started after the “The system.” You shouldn't be finding out all of this stuff after you got married. And that's your problem, guy. And you did this with both of your wives. The really sad part is that if you'd had my book, you wouldn't have married either one of these women and created all of this anguish for yourself.

Rather, such as for instance my brother Punctual Eddie Love regarding East L

Jamie, you picked not one, but two losers here.