Frac Spread Count, Evergrande, Energy Prices

By: Osama Rizvi, Energy and Economic Analyst at Primary Vision Network

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This week Mark was away and we had some technical difficulties so the FSC show was kept short. However, I will try to add something to it.

First things first, the number came in at 257, adding 5 more from last week. We saw more activity in the Bakken and western Gulf, this rise in FSC has been parralel with the rig count – that added 9 more, week on week.

Apart from that, Evergrande is in news! They missed their $83.5 million bond payment on Thursday (23rd September, 2021) and now have entered the grace period lasting 30 days. At Primary Vision we have been talking about Evergrande as far as November 2020

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