THE ECON SHOW – Yields rise, China slows, uptick in Global price and Long term impacts of Epidemic

This week we have covered a lot in the ECON show – but then when do we not?

Mark takes talks about a sweeping account of global economy from Asia to the U.S. and other important issues such as inflation.

Segment 1:  The pandemic is far from over. Death rate in Brazil has crept up to 2000 per day. In this regard, we cover the long term impacts of COVID here:


Segment 2: In this Mark talks about how yields are continue to rise

Segment 3: Also, the global prices continue to rise

Segment 4: Market vs. Lagarde – What will happen, who will win?

Segment 5: China leads Asian Slowdown

By: Osama Rizvi; Energy Market Analyst at Primary Vision Network

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